You want to create a great experience for your customers, make them more loyal, create more cross and up sell opportunities, close more sales AND keep your head count down, keep your operating costs as low as possible and make sure you and your management team gets some sleep at night… Right?


Problem is…

You don’t have control over the process where the deal goes down and the value gets delivered… the actual interaction with your customer.


Out of 92 terms and metrics in the North American Quit Line Consortium’s glossary,  there is no metric or term that deals with what happens in the interaction with the customer.

Apart from quality assurance monitoring, there are no measurements that look inside the interaction with the customer, the place where the value and experience actually get generated. Measurements such as First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handling Time (AHT), Net Promoter (NPS) or Customer satisfaction (CSAT) or Customer effort score (CES) look at outcomes of customer interactions. If you’re in a contact center, additional measures like adherence and occupancy also look at agent utilization. This makes it really difficult to know what’s actually happening during your interactions with your customers that’s causing the outcomes you’re measuring.

At the same time, team leaders spend most of their coaching time telling the player what they did badly and then trying to motivate them to do better. This normally leaves players confused and demotivated, setting them up for the same conversation a week later.