Coach to the game plan


We teach you how to help your players consolidate what’s working and change what isn’t one thing at a time.

Why is it important to coach to the game plan?

Coach to the game planTo play the game plan effectively, players must master the game plan itself as well as the skills required to execute it.

By master, we mean that the player must have moved the execution of the skills from their conscious thinking process to their subconscious thinking process. This important because the subconscious mind can process roughly a million times more information than the conscious mind in the same amount of time. When skills and game plans are mastered in this fashion, the player is capable of processing vast amounts of information about the game they are playing while simultaneously executing multiple complex skills, all this while their conscious mind remains free to scan the environment, learn and improvise in the moment. There is only one way to accomplish mastery and that’s through performing skills repetitively.

But what if there are flaws in the way the player is performing a skill? The repetition will move the flaws into the subconscious thinking process too. This is why coaching is crucial. Coaching is the only learning support modality that helps a human first modify a skill then move it to the subconscious through practice.

Coach to the game plan


We introduce team leaders to coaching through an initial 3 day experiential learning process and then consolidate learning through one on one and group coaching over a 3 month period. Coaches master the following skills:

  • Working with the game plan.
  • Self mastery.
  • Listening to understand.
  • Asking useful questions.
  • Giving useful feedback.
  • Finding the appropriate practice drill for each player need.