Have a solid game plan


We design a way for you to win the game that’s clear, simple and easy to follow.

Why is it important to have a solid game plan?

Have a solid game planNow that you are clear about what you are playing for and have a rallying cry to inspire your team, you need to figure out how you can play the game differently to get the result you’re all after.

The positive feelings and buy-in you create with your inspiring vision will evaporate very quickly if your team don’t see a pragmatic, well designed method of achieving the result. Its always humbling to remember at this point that there’s a reason why the vision you have created is still a vision and not-current reality. A great customer experience is the result of doing some big things right and a lot of little things right. The game plan has to spell out exactly how the team and the individual players do both the big things and the little things so that players can focustheir attention on playing in the moment rather than figuring out what to do.An important aspect of a good game plan is that it spells out tactics and behaviours that are clearly observable and measureable. This is important because the plan must be in constant conversation with real world experience which is telling us what’s working and what isn’t.

Have a solid game plan


We combine observation, interviews, workshops, our experience and our transition experience mapping tools to:

  • Design the major stages that you transition your customer through from the beginning to the end of each type of interaction you have with them.
  • We then describe all of the behaviours within each stage that create the experience you want.
  • We also identify the distinct emotional needs commonly presented by your customers and how to make subtle changes to the behaviours in each stage to best meet them.
  • We then develop observable measurement criteria for all behaviours.
  • We compile all of this into a fun, experiential training program and set of visual support tools for your whole team.