With The Game On Coaching System you can improve your customer’s experience, sell more, increase service levels and cross & up-sell opportunities – while reducing contact length, repeat contacts agent attrition, on-boarding time and overall cost.

Improve The Customers Experience

More customers having good experiences making them more loyal

  • By using an interaction structure and set of skills that make the customer feel valued and the contact feel easy
  • By freeing the agent up to bring their personality into the process
More Sales

More sales

  • Through players and coaches who know how to execute the sales game plan well
Reduce Agent On-boarding Time

Less recruitment and on boarding costs

  • Lower agent attrition by giving them the skills they need to excel in their function
  • Lower agent attrition by supporting them with useful and empowering coaching
  • Lower time to productivity for new recruits
Increase Cross and Upsell Sales Opportunities

More cross and upsell opportunities

  • By designing and delivering an interaction that first leaves the customer feeling grateful and then opens a space to make a relevant offer
Reduce Agent Attrition

Less time wasted

  • by taking the customer through a well-designed process in an organised way so the interaction is shorter
  • by being clearer about the bottom line need the customer has so the player makes a more accurate diagnosis and resolves more needs meaning less fix up work
Less Overhead

Less management overhead

  • By focusing management time on things that can be shown to make a difference
  • Effective coaching empowers your team to be more self-sufficient, lightening the supervisory load over time