Practice the skills


We help you define and monitor practice drills that help players master important skills.

Why is it important to practice the skills?

Practice the skillsThe primary role of practice is to move skills from the player’s conscious mind to their subconscious mind, where they can be quickly and effortlessly executed. Masters of any discipline have accomplished this shift from conscious competence to unconscious competence.

Effective practice always breaks down a complex skill into simple component skills that the player can master one by one. When all of the component skills have been mastered , the player can then practice integrating them into the complex skill. Remember Mr.Miyagi’s mind numbing “wax on, wax off” practices in the Karate Kid?

All good coaches know how to break complex skills up into component skills and are able to create practice drills that keep players engaged in the simplicity of mastering one thing at a time.

All good coaches are also able to track a player’s progress in moving a skill from conscious to subconscious as they practicea skill drill. This allows them to modify the drill if its not working for the player or to move them on to the next skill so theystay engaged and challenged.

Practice the skills


Having oriented your coaching staff to focus on changing player performance by identifying an aspect of the game plan that isn’t working and finding a simple practice drill to help them improve it, the Game on system supports coaches by:

  • Offering a number of practice drills proven to simplify and improve each behaviour within the game plan
  • Ensuring that the practice drill is working for the player through structured feedback from the player on it’s helpfulness